You know what’s funny? (in a sarcastic manner, not actually funny) Women who think men are disgusting pigs for saying “go make me a sandwich!” or wanting a female to cook naked or in sexy lingerie but then turn around and think that a woman dressed in lingerie making food is “so right & so hot”
I’m sorry but you’re a hypocrite and just as bad. The whole “appreciating a woman’s body” or it being a fantasy doesn’t make it any better either.
You have things mixed up, woman are not objects and are not just objectified by men. Just stahp.

"Staying positive doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad or angry sometimes, it just means you keep on going anyway." (via microbe-et-cie)


"Man humans are lame why don’t we have like wings/horns/etc"

Humans can’t even handle having different skin colors how well do you really think that would go